Recommended Reading

Spiritual reading*

A’Kempis, Thomas – The Imitation of Christ

Aumann, Jordan – Spiritual Theology

Baur, Benedict – Frequent Confession

Baur, Benedict – In Silence with God

Boylan, Eugene – Difficulties in Mental Prayer

Boylan, Eugene – This Tremendous Lover

Burke, Cormac – Covenanted Happiness

Chautard, Jean-Baptiste – The Soul of the Apostolate

de Caussade, Jean-Pierre – Abandonment to Divine Providence

de Montfort, Louis-Marie – True Devotion to Mary

de Sales, St. Francis – An Introduction to the Devout Life

de Sales, St. Francis – Treatise on the Love of God

Escriva, Jose Maria – Christ is Passing By

Escriva, Jose Maria – Friends of God

Escriva, Jose Maria – The Way, Furrow, The Forge

Escriva, Jose Maria – The Way of the Cross

Faber, Frederick – All for Jesus

Garrigou-Lagrange, Fr. Reginald – Three Ages of Interior Life

Liguori, Alphonso – The Great Means of Salvation and Perfection

Liguori, Alphonso – Uniformity with God’s Will

Louis of Grenada, Venerable – The Sinner’s Guide

Lovasik, Lawrence – The Hidden Power of Kindness

Manzoni, Alessandro – The Betrothed

Martinez, Luis – True Devotion to the Holy Spirit

More, St. Thomas – The Sadness of Christ

Perquin, Bonaventure – Abba Father

Rohrbach, Peter – Conversation with Christ

Scupoli, Lorenzo – Spiritual Combat

Sheed, Frank – Theology and Sanity

Sheed, Frank – Theology for Beginners

Sheed, Frank – To Know Christ Jesus

Sheen, Fulton – Life of Christ

Sheen, Fulton – Three to Get Married

Tanqueray, Adolphe – The Spiritual Life

von Hildebrand, Dietrich – Transformation in Christ


Chesterton, G.K. – St. Francis of Assisi

Chesterton, G.K. – St. Thomas Aquinas: The Dumb Ox

Day, Dorothy – The Long Loneliness

John XXIII, Pope John – Journal of a Soul

Merton, Thomas – The Seven Storey Mountain

Muggeridge, Malcolm – Something Beautiful for God

Newman, John Henry – Apologia Pro Vita Sua

Suarez, Federico – Mary of Nazareth

Trochu, F. – The Cure of Ars

Wegemer, Gerard – Thomas More: A Portrait of Courage

Weigel, George – Witness to Hope


Adams, Karl – The Spirit of Catholicism

Bouyer, Louis – Spirit and Forms of Protestantism

Catholic Church – Catechism of the Catholic Church

Guardini, Romano – The End of the Modern World

Guardini, Romano – The Lord

Hahn, Scott – Rome Sweet Home

Kreeft, Peter – Christianity for Modern Pagans

Newman, John Henry – Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine

Newman, John Henry – Parochial and Plain Sermons

Ott, Ludwig – Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma

Pieper, Josef – The Four Cardinal Virtues

For Small Groups

Patris Corde, Pope Francis

Into the Breach, Bishop Olmsted

Vibrant Paradoxes, Bishop Barron

Screwtape Letters, CS Lewis

The Four Cardinal Virtues, Josef Pieper

Humility of Heart, Fr. Cajetan Mary da Bergamo

Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul, John Eldredge

Unbound, Neal Lozano

Seven Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness, Eric Metaxas

* As per Brandon Vogt.