Young and Catholic Men

A band of brothers

We're a network of small groups of young adult men in the Pioneer Valley who are committed to a virtuous pursuit of Christ through weekly meetings consisting of prayer, formation, and accountability.


St. Vincent de Paul once said that, "A man of prayer is capable of everything." Together as men, we cultivate our prayer life through weekly recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours.


Beginning with a strong prayer life, we grow together in our understanding of Christ through the truths of the Faith and the Bible so that we can do the impossible with God.


The adventure of Faith hinges on a virtue-driven life. Every week, as a men's group, we make small goals to amend our lives and keep each other accountable to them. Through these small changes, we hope to accomplish big things and to become saints one day.

"A man must fight long and bravely against himself before he learns to master himself fully and to direct all his affections toward God."

-Thomas A Kempis